Kafui Danku Engages in Banter with a follower on marriage

The elegant multiple award-winning Ghanaian actress cum author of Silence is not golden that was launched on 21st of June 2018 recently posted on a very sensitive topic, Marriage on her  Kafui Danku official Facebook page.

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The Chief Executive Officer of ABC pictures and producer of movies like #IDO #HAPPYDEATHDAY #CRACKS and the most recent #WTF (why this film) made a comment on a subject that means a lot to the African society, Marriage, with Ghana not an exception.

Kafui in her own words via the post she published on her page

Snapshot of Kafui’s topic that triggered John
Snapshot of Kafui’s topic that triggered John

“ what’s the deadline for marriage again? I’m only a messenger for today’s sermon. Let the church shout hallelujah 👐

This being shared by the beautiful mother and movie producer got attacked by one user and fan who did not take it lightly with his own opinion with regards to what the Actress published on her timeline.

This among the many other comments and opinions being opined by other flowers of her page, this particular opinion of one John McKenzie Akutam got the attention of the actress who replied him of being too personal and attacking.

According to the Facebook user,John ,

“You people we see you hide kraaaaa,when you are not lucky with marriage yet that’s how you talk. When you finally get to marry then your preaching about fulfilling Gods purpose of creation to your same friends. Madam, you have every reason to have sleepless night still been single with your achievement and brand and yet no man.

It’s either men who should have rushed you are certain of you not been a good material or your expectations are to high to be real.

Face reality let’s stop this pretence”.

Snapshot of John’s comment on Kafui’s page
Snapshot of John’s comment on Kafui’s page

Many replied to this comment he made clearly stating how ignorant he is informed about the actress and ambassador of royal foam 2020.

The Man,John McKenzie replied after many clapped back at his comment against Kafui saying.

Snapshot proofs of the banter on Kafui’s page on marriage
Snapshot proofs of the banter on Kafui’s page on marriage

“Please someone should tag my good sister Kafui Danku that I’m not at war with her. I only disagreed with her and I think as far as she is my admired celebrity, she should try to swallow criticism and disagreement. Thank you” .

yooyooafrica.com followed this interesting  banter with the final words from Kafui saying

,” of course opinions matter but judging me without even knowing me is deviating from the point, saying you checked my wall and “brain work” etc ….. is that part of the issue? You went ahead to show me your wife😀to tell me to get a husband 😅”.




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