Trigmatic saved me after my two-car tyres busted using the Tarkwa Nsuaem Road by a wicked pothole – Ras Kuuku

Award winning Reggae dancehall Ghanaian musician,Ras Kuuku  in a recent post he made on both Facebook and Twitter stating what he went through on a trip because of a wicked pothole that lead to bursting two of

Trigmatic and Ras Kuuku
Trigmatic and Ras Kuuku on the Tarkwa Nsuaem Road

Ras Kuuku Twitter snapshot of the incident narrative
Kuuku Twitter snapshot of the incident narrative

his car tyres.

The musician accounted how he lost two of his car tyres  traveling to Tarkwa Nsuaem road due to a pot hole which of course could have resulted in an accident if he was speeding.

Quoting from his own post “My Car tyres (2Tyres) got bursted by one wicked Pot hole 😄 on the Tarkwa Nsuaem road. We were all finding solutions to it cos we had to get another tyre since we only had one spare tyre. But the Most High sent an Angel @trigmaticofficial Bless You Bro Thanks A lot 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

He then mentioned how he was saved by another Award winning colleague musician cum radio presenter,Trigmatic that was at the time using the same route. He then blessed him for going to another town to get him a mechanic who solved his car tyre problem.

Trigmatic also took to his Facebook acknowledging the same incident with some positive words of encouragement to Ras Kuuku saying,

“took a drive with my brother @richarddeaddison to the farm today and guess who i met on our way, one of Ghana’s finest reggae dancehall artiste @raskuukupuom. Great guy Chale, God bless your hustle! Puom!




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